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Chicago Police’s Facial-Recognition Technology Results in First Conviction

The first person that Chicago police arrested based on facial recognition analysis has received a 22-year sentence after being convicted by a judge of armed robbery. Pierre Martin robbed a man of his cell phone at gunpoint while on a Chicago Transit Authority train in February 2013. His image was captured by the transit authority’s surveillance cameras and compared against 4.5 million suspect-booking photos in a Chicago Police Department database. He was in the database because of his arrest record. Martin stole a phone from another man at gunpoint at the same train stop on 28 January 2013, according to prosecutors. Surveillance cameras also captured that robbery. The Chicago police bought its image-identification technology with a $5.4 million grant from the Transportation Security Administration. (SlashDot)(Ars Technica)(Chicago Sun-Times -- 1)(Chicago Sun-Times -- 2)

Facial-Recognition Blocking Glasses Designed

Japanese researchers have developed prototype glasses they call a “privacy visor” that are designed to stop users from being detected by hidden cameras using facial-recognition software. Designed by National Institute of Informatics and Kogakuin University researchers, the glasses use a near-infrared light source to create noise that ultimately confuses the software during the facial-recognition process, but the wearer’s vision isn’t impeded. Conventional goggles were augmented with a near-infrared light and power pocket supply. The researchers say the glasses should prevent the “secret and unintentional capture” of a user’s image and subsequent facial recognition, which might be used to obtain other personal information without the user’s consent. (BBC)(National Institute of Informatics)

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