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Vodafone Buys Ono in $10 Billion Deal

UK telecommunications giant Vodafone Group is buying Spain’s largest cable operator in a deal worth $10 billion. The purchase of Grupo Corporative Ono is designed to bolster Vodafone’s TV and broadband offerings, offset declining mobile revenues, and add 1.9 million customers in Spain, according to analysts. Vodafone—the world’s second-largest wireless carrier, after China Mobile—is reportedly financing the deal via the sale of its US operations. It bought two other broadband companies, one each in Germany and the UK, during the past two years.

UK, Germany Collaborating on 5G Technology

UK Prime Minister David Cameron says his country is working with Germany to develop 5G cellular technology. Researchers from Dresden University, King’s College London, and the University of Surrey are collaborating on the initiative, designed to provide a wireless approach that is substantially faster than today’s 4G technology. This is one of three research areas designed to improve European telecommunications and advance the Internet of Things that Cameron has identified. The UK is offering £73 million in research funding for the latter. (SlashDot)(ZD Net)

European Tech Firms Demonstrate Ultrafast Data Rates over Fiber

UK telecommunications company BT and French equipment provider Alcatel-Lucent recently conducted a field trial in which they transmitted data at 1.4 Tbits per second over an existing 410-kilometer (255-mile) commercial fiber-optic link. The speed is sufficient to transmit 44 uncompressed high-definition films per second. Currently, the fastest service available in the UK, provided by Virgin Media, is 120 megabits per second, on average. The companies used a new networking technology called Flexgrid which let them decrease the gaps between transmission channels on the fiber from 50 to 35 GHz. By increasing the density of channels, BT and Alcatel-Lucent increased transmission efficiency by 42.5. The work could let carriers increase transmission capacity using their existing infrastructure. (SlashDot)(BBC)(Alcatel-Lucent) 

Preliminary Antitrust Finding Made Against Google Subsidiary in Europe

Google’s Motorola Mobility, a telecommunications equipment maker, is abusing its dominant position in the EU by seeking and enforcing an injunction against Apple in Germany related to mobile phone patents, according to an initial antitrust review by the European Commission. The EC launched its investigation to determine whether Motorola Mobility is abusing its industry-essential patents to prohibit sales of products by competitors. Motorola Mobility reportedly sought an injunction against Apple in Germany regarding use of a patent related to the European Telecommunications Standardization Institute’s General Packet Radio Service standard for data, despite Apple’s offer to pay royalties. The patent in question is The EC preliminarily found that Motorola’s actions harm competition and result in less consumer choice. The next step before the EC makes formal antitrust charges is for the parties to submit responses to the initial findings and request a hearing. (Computerworld)(The New York Times)(European Commission)

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