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Google Building Data Center in Netherlands

Google announced plans to build a $773.58 million data center in the Netherlands. The 44 hectares facility was selected based on the stability of energy supplies. It now uses a 20-MW data center in the city of Eemshaven, which is where this new facility will be built. The four-year long project should be operational in 2017 and will create 150 permanent jobs. The 120-MW facility will reportedly use cold air and greywater for cooling. The company currently has data centers in Finland, Belgium, and Ireland. (Reuters)(GigaOm)


Switzerland Banking on Becoming World’s Data Vault

Swiss data-storage companies say their reputation for not sharing personal information could make Switzerland the place where many companies choose to locate their datacenters. They say this trend is due in part to revelations about government authorities in some countries pressuring businesses—such as Facebook, Google, and Skype—to turn over user data for various purposes. Swiss law defines personal data as a “precious good” that cannot be relinquished to governments or other authorities without judicial authorization. Many of its datacenters thus feature extensive security, including armed guards, biometric security scanners for admission to the facility, and the ability to withstand a nuclear attack. (SlashDot)(Security Week)

Google Announces Expansion of European Datacenter

Google announced Wednesday it plans a 300 million-euro expansion of its Belgian datacenter. The upgrade is being designed such that the Internet search firm can keep pace with growing European data volumes and storage demand. The data center, located in St. Ghislain southwest of Brussels, now has 120 employees. Google also has European datacenters in Ireland and Finland. (Associated Press)(ZDNet)

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