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Judge: Tech Employee Settlement May Be Insufficient

A pending $324.5 million settlement related to an agreement between technology companies in the Silicon Valley not to poach one another’s employees may be inadequate, according to the judge hearing the matter. Adobe, Apple, Google, and Intel agreed to the settlement in April after that they colluded to place a ceiling on employee wages by agreeing not to hire one another’s employees. The companies were accused of the poaching practice, but settled before a final judgment was reached. Preventing employees from being able to move to other companies would keep employers from having to pay their employees more to keep them from moving. US District Court Judge Lucy Koh questioned whether the amount was fair to the 64,000 technology workers represented in the case but didn’t indicate what steps she would take at this point. The plaintiffs are predominantly engineers who claimed a secret pact between executives “restricted their mobility and drove down wages,” according to IT World. (SlashDot)(IT World)

US Electrical-Engineering Hiring Slumps

The number of employed electrical engineers in the US dropped 10.4 percent in 2013, according to the IEEE-USA’s newly released analysis of US Labor Department data. This represents a loss of 35,000 jobs, which moved the profession’s unemployment rate to 4.8 percent. According to the Labor Department data, 300,000 people now work as electrical engineers in the US. In 2002, this number was 385,000. Rochester Institute of Technology assistant professor of public policy Ron Hira told Computerworld the findings are “truly disturbing.” “Just like America's manufacturing has been hollowed out by offshoring and globalization,” he explained, “it appears that electrical and electronics engineering is heading that way.” (SlashDot)(Computerworld)

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