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Yahoo CEO Apologizes for Huge E-mail Outage

Yahoo chief executive officer Marissa Mayer has issued an apology for the company’s recent massive e-mail service outage. She made the apology as Yahoo was still resolving problems related to the four-day outage, which may have affected 1 percent of Yahoo Mail’s 300 million users. According to market analysts, the incident is a public-relations problem for Yahoo, which is trying to regain prominence in the technology industry after losing ground for years. “Above all else, we’re going to be working hard on improvements to prevent issues like this in the future,” Mayer wrote in her apology. “While our overall uptime is well above 99.9 percent, even accounting for this incident, we really let you down this week.” (CNN)(Marissa Meyer @ Tumblr)

Alleged Harvard Bomb-Hoax Perpetrator Attempted to Cloak Threatening E-mails

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has arrested a student they say is responsible for a bomb threat at Harvard University this week. The student allegedly used a temporary anonymous e-mail account routed through Tor—a network used to make communications anonymous—to send a series of threatening messages to random Harvard departments such as the campus police and student newspaper. However, FBI and Harvard technicians were able to trace the e-mails because they originated on the campus’s wireless network. Authorities have charged Eldo Kim, 20, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, with making the threat to avoid taking a final exam. The messages, sent prior to the exam, resulted in the evacuation of four large buildings. Kim was a sophomore studying psychology and Japanese, according to the Harvard Crimson. If convicted, Kim, who was released on bond, faces a maximum sentence of up to five years in prison, three years of suspended release, and a $250,000 fine. (SlashDot)(NBC News)(CNN)(The Boston Globe)(The Harvard Crimson -- 1) (The Harvard Crimson -- 2) 

Yahoo Mail Suffers Extended Outage

Yahoo Mail experienced an outage for days following hardware-related datacenter problems. The problem has been more difficult to repair than initially expected, according to Jeffrey Bonforte, Yahoo’s senior vice president of communication products. Users unable to access their e-mail have taken to social media with their frustrations. Yahoo has not provided information about the number of users affected, but it is yet another public-relations black eye for the service, which reportedly has about 100 million daily users. An October redesign sparked user complaints about the interface’s changes, specifically the removal of useful features from the service in favor of clunky new features. Larry Dignan, editor in chief of business technology news website ZD Net, wrote “Simply put, Yahoo Mail is an IT disaster. … Yahoo is a bit cocky and doesn’t think complaints will matter in an actual revolt.” (PC World)(ZD Net)(Reuters)(CNET)(Yahoo!) 

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