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Debates Surface over US Computer Science Degrees’ Return on Investment

A survey by PayScale of the return on investment (ROI) on US college degrees in various majors found that computer science graduates make the most money after graduation. However, the findings are only part of the debate over the best value for the educational dollar. PayScale—an online employee compensation-information company—calculated ROI based on the total amount graduates could expect to earn over the next 20 years above what they could expect to earn without a degree, minus the cost of the education. Nine of the survey’s top 10 college-major pairings in terms of ROI were computer science majors. A Stanford economics degree was the only other degree foundin the survey’s top 10 most valuable degrees. Some schools on the list of top-ranked colleges for computer science majors include public institutions such as the Colorado School of Mines (for in-state students) but consist mainly of private institutions like Harvey Mudd College, the California Institute of Technology, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University. On the other hand, IT World, an IT-information website, looked at ROI on computer-science degrees, and found the best value generally to be public schools for in-state residents. IT World’s top five schools were the University of Virginia; the University of Washington; the Georgia Institute of Technology; the University of California, Berkeley; and Harvard University. “If you're just thinking of college as a financial investment, studying computer science at one of your state's public universities is the way to go,” concluded IT World. “Of course, that's purely based on raw financial numbers and it doesn't take into account other important things that can affect one’s college experience, like the location, the choice of extracurricular activities, and the quality of the dining hall food. You (or your child) will have to do that math yourselves.” (SlashDot)(PayScale)(The Atlantic)(IT World)

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