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Dutch Officials Propose Law Authorizing Police Hacking

Newly proposed legislation in the Netherlands would give Dutch police who investigate online crimes the right to hack into computers in the country or abroad, with judicial approval. In addition to reading e-mail, law enforcement officers could install spyware or destroy files to combat cybercrimes. The pending law would also make it a crime for an individual or company not to decrypt files as requested by law enforcement in the course of an investigation. The Dutch parliament is expected to vote on the bill by year’s end. Proponents say the law would address areas of concern such as child pornography, terrorism, and distributed denial-of-service attacks. Dutch privacy advocates say the law could set a dangerous precedent for government access to civilian computers. They contend that the problem is not a lack of police power but a shortage of knowledge and manpower. (PhysOrg)(Computerworld)(BBC)(Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie)

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