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Gmail Experiences Long Service Disruption

Technical problems disrupted Google’s Gmail service, affecting about half the service’s estimated 450 million users during a 10-hour period. It is “one of the longest, most widespread Gmail disruptions in years,” noted the PC World website. A failure affected two redundant network paths, according to Sabrina Farmer, Gmail’s senior site reliability engineering manager. “This is a very rare event,” wrote Farmer. “The two network failures were unrelated, but in combination, they reduced Gmail’s capacity to deliver messages to users.” Users experienced e-mail delivery delays and problems downloading attachments. The severity and length of issues varied among users. Farmer estimated that 71 percent of e-mails were unaffected by the network problem. However, 1.5 percent of Gmail was delayed by more than two hours, according to Farmer. The figures do not reflect users on other e-mail platforms who may have experienced issues in receiving or sending messages to Gmail users. Google says it is working to ensure such problems do not recur by measures that include improvements in Gmail’s backup capacity and network resiliency. (PC World)(Official Gmail Blog)

Tool Checks Construction Disruptions of Waterfoul Habitat

A new smartphone application released by UK researchers measures how construction work might affect waterbirds in protected areas. The University of Hull scientists developed the Waterbird Disturbance & Mitigation Toolkit Android App to provide information about how noise and other construction-related activities might alter the birds’ behavior. In addition to mitigating problems before work begins, based on existing government requirements for projects sited adjacent to wetlands, it also lets contractors measure noise using the phone itself and logs the GPS coordinates of where the measurement, and get information about individual local bird species, including information about how reactive they are to noises. Researchers at the University of Hull’s Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies say lengthy disturbances could indirectly affect nearby waterfoul, causing disruptions that could lead to starvation and other problems. The researchers say the tool does not replace conventional environmental assessment and monitoring but is designed to assist developers in creating appropriate mitigation for construction-related problems. (BBC)(TIDE Waterbird Disturbance & Mitigation Toolkit)

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