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Transparent Material Promising Display Replacement

University of Akron researchers have created a transparent electrode they say could make smartphone displays shatterproof. They placed a transparent layer of electrodes on a polymer surface to produce a tough, flexible material. The film withstood Scotch tape peeling and bending tests. In the latter, the film survived after being bent 1,000 times. The new film is equally transparent but more conductive than conventional phone-screen materials, according to Yu Zhu, assistant professor of polymer science. He said the new material could replace indium tin oxide display coatings, which are brittle and likely to shatter, and are becoming more expensive to make. The researchers are publishing their work in the American Chemical Society journal ACS Nano. (EurekAlert)(The University of Akron)

Corning Announces Tougher Gorilla Glass for Device Displays

Glassmaker Corning Inc. has announced it has developed the latest version of its Gorilla Glass. The company says Gorilla Glass 3 is more damage resistant than glass previously used in device displays. It reengineered the glass based on its atomic structure and bonding properties. The company is also promoting its use in larger format, multi-touch display applications such as in education or entertainment. Corning says the new product can handle three times more force before experiencing damage and also reduces scratch visibility by 40 percent. Gorilla Glass is used in smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and TVs. Corning expects device manufacturers to announce Gorilla Glass 3’s availability in products in two or three months. (CNET)(Corning)

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