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Nanoparticles Help Keep Devices Cool

As computers and other electronic devices continue to run faster, they are increasingly susceptible to overheating, which can make them slow down or fail. A new nanoparticle-infused liquid promises to help keep these devices cool. University of Malaya and Universiti Brunei Darussalam researchers investigated several nanofluids—using a microchannel heat sink to simulate an electronic system—to determine the best for the task. They considered factors such as heat transfer, energy loss, and friction. The scientists found that all their nanofluids performed better than water and that the best was a mix of copper oxide and water. The researchers published their findings in the American Chemical Society journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. (EurekAlert)(Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)

Researchers Create Laser-Based Cooling

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University developed a method for laser cooling of semiconductors. They investigated using a pump laser and its effect on cadmium sulfide nanoribbon. The researchers cooled the semiconductor from 62 degrees Fahrenheit to -9 degrees by focusing a green laser on it and making it fluoresce. It lost energy as light. The technology might eventually be used in infrared cameras on satellites and night vision goggles. They are investigating whether the laser-cooling method can reach much lower temperatures on a par with liquid helium. The researchers published their work in the journal Nature. (SlashDot)(Txchnologist)(Nature)

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