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System Detects Gestures via Wi-Fi

University of Washington researchers have developed a system able to recognize gestures based on how the motions affect Wi-Fi signals. Their WiSee system lets a user control home appliances with a hand gesture from any room in a house. The technology is based on the Doppler effect, which entails a change in the observed frequency of a sound, light, or other wave when the source and observer are in motion relative to each other. WiSee consists of a receiver that detects frequency changes in Wi-Fi signals of devices in the room reflected off a body part moving while making a gesture. Their software can detect nine motions and was 94 percent accurate during testing conducted in an office and a two-bedroom dwelling. They claim their gesture-recognition technology is simpler and more affordable than existing approaches such as Microsoft’s camera-based Kinect. The University of Washington researchers are working on enabling the system to control multiple devices simultaneously. They are scheduled to present their research at the MobiCom 2013 conference in Miami in late September and early October. They have published a working draft of the findings on their website <http://wisee.cs.washington.edu>. (BBC)(University of Washington -- 1)(University of Washington -- 2)

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