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Study: Quality of Open Source and Proprietary Software Exceeds Industry Standards

A new analysis of software integrity finds that the quality of both open source and proprietary software code surpasses industry quality standards. Coverity, a software-quality testing firm, conducted the analysis, based on code submitted to Coverity Scan, as it has been doing annually for the past seven years. The project originated in 2006 and was initially undertaken with the US Department of Homeland Security. Since then Coverity has analyzed almost 850 million lines of code from open source projects including Apache, Linux, and PHP and found an average defect density—defined as the number of defects found in every 1,000 lines of code—of 0.69. Coverity found that proprietary code’s defect density is 0.68. This is the second year both groups have had a defect density of less than 1.0, which is the industry standard, according to Coverity, which offered no additional details regarding the specific standard on which it bases the claim. (SlashDot)(Help Net Security)(Coverity Scan)

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