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UK Government Tasks ISPs with Terrorism Reporting

The UK government is asking the nation’s major ISPs to help “tackle online extremism.” Although no specific agreements have yet been made, the ISPs will provide stronger filtering and a “public reporting button” for reporting terrorism materials, according to the BBC. The filtering would reportedly be similar to that which is currently used to filter pornography or gambling websites at a network level. Officials say this could be a problem as some extremist groups use popular social networks such as YouTube or Twitter. The Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit has been charged with removing terrorism-related material from various websites, including 34,000 pieces of content in the past year. It is now taking down one terrorist-related posting every 10 minutes, or about 5,000 per week. Downing Street is continuing negotiations on the matter with ISPs including Virgin, Sky, BT, and Talk Talk. (BBC)(The Telegraph)

UK Government Blocks All Online Porn on Opt-In Basis

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced various measures designed to protect children by eliminating explicit sexual content and pornography from the Internet in the UK. Most notably, he is instituting filters that will ban pornographic sites at the network node level with the nation’s ISPs. Users must decide by the end of 2014 whether they wish to use these filters, which Cameron says should be able to be applied by parents to all devices in a home with one click. Users may access the adult content by opting in. Six providers responsible for providing 90 percent of public Wi-Fi have reportedly agreed to provide filtering. “I feel profoundly as a politician, and as a father, that the time for action has come,” Cameron stated in a speech. “Many children are viewing online pornography and other damaging material at a very young age. … The nature of that pornography is so extreme, it is distorting their view of sex and relationships.” The increased legislation is primarily designed to stop access to and trafficking of child sexual abuse images. There are 19 million Internet users in the UK. (The Globe and Mail)(Wired UK)(Gov.UK Inside Government) 

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