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Israel Prepares for Cyberattacks

The Israeli government is stopping Internet access to foreign traffic through this week to avoid a cyberattack it expects pro-Palestinian hackers to launch. The military, law-enforcement agencies, and major companies have also prepared themselves for hacking or website defacement attempts. For example, the government may refuse electronic payments from abroad and postpone routine website maintenance. The government also reportedly instructed civil servants not to open email from foreign senders. (Reuters)(FARS News Agency)

Researchers Dissect Cyberattacks

University of Michigan researchers have analyzed cyberattacks and created a mathematical model that looks at their risks and optimal launch times. In a paper they wrote, they state that several nations are stockpiling zero-day exploits to use as cyberweapons when needed. Their research examined the best time to use these exploits based on when security experts might discover a vulnerability that precipitates an attack and develop patches for it. The model was devised, in part say researchers to instigate a dialogue about cyberwarfare, including reaching an agreement that certain targets, namely civilian or banking infrastructure, should be off limits. The researchers published their findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (The Telegraph)(NBCNews)(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)

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