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Apple Objects to Proposed Punishments in e-Book Case

Apple attorney Orin Snyder says the US Department of Justice’s revised proposed punishment for colluding with publishers to set electronic book prices is “a 12-page broadside masquerading as a brief” that provides competing e-book vendor Amazon with a significant advantage. Apple is appealing last month’s verdict that found the company guilty of working with five major publishers to set e-book prices. The initial reforms sought by the US government included a 10-year injunction on Apple prohibiting it from negotiating contracts with the publishers, the company letting other e-book retailers link to their online stores from iOS apps, and the appointment of an external antitrust monitor. Apple objected to the proposed reforms, stating that they were vague, overreaching, and unwarranted. It also said the proposed punishment “introduces needless regulation and complexity to an evolving marketplace.” The judge in the case ordered government and Apple officials to meet and discuss remedies. (GigaOm)(CNET)

Pirate Bay Founder Sentenced to Prison on Hacking Charges

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, the founder of the controversial Pirate Bay file-sharing site, to two years in prison for hacking-related charges. The proceedings have been called Sweden’s largest hacking trial. Warg was sentenced by the Nacka District Court in Stockholm after being found guilty of aggravated fraud, hacking, and attempted aggravated fraud for an attempted illegal funds transfer. Warg was found guilty of hacking into Logica, a Swedish IT firm connected to the nation’s population registry, and then publishing the personal data of people with protected identities, a status granted by the national tax authority to secure information about individuals such as witnesses in court cases, online. He was also convicted of hacking into Scandinavia’s largest bank. Warg has maintained his innocence, saying someone else used his computer remotely. He and three colleagues were previously given one-year sentences for copyright violation in 2009. He fled the country while the case was on appeal but was extradicted from Cambodia to Sweden in 2012. (PC World)(The Associated Press @ The Washington Post)(The Local -- Sweden)

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