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3D Printing Poised to Come Home

3D printing has long been associated with manufacturing and prototyping, but numerous firms demonstrating products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas are ready to bring the technology into consumers’ homes. For example, the ChefJet Pro is a food printer that deposits sugar or chocolate in layers and let users create intricate sugar sculptures. An industry observer forecasts that about 100,000 3D printers will be sold in 2014. There were 28 companies with 3D printing technologies at this year’s CES, compared to only eight last year. “The question in my mind is not `Will we have a 3D printer in each home?’ but ‘Which room will it be in?’ ” Avi Reichental CEO of printer maker 3D systems CEO, told the Associated Press. “Will it be in your garage? Will it be in your kids’ room... or the wardrobe?” (Associated Press)(Los Angeles Times)

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