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Report: Web-Based Firms Increasingly Build Internet Infrastructure

Numerous Internet-based companies—including Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft—are increasingly buying and constructing the Internet’s network backbone, bypassing conventional development by telecommunications firms such as Sprint. According to the Wall Street Journal, companies active on the Internet are buying, leasing, or installing dark fiber infrastructure to ensure they have needed connectivity for their customers. Google now owns 100,000 miles of private fiber-optic routes worldwide, while Facebook recently invested in a trans-Pacific cable. Driving the investment is the explosion in traffic prompted by streaming video and smartphones use. “Internet companies are responding by investing in pipes themselves to make sure that traffic can be supported and reach new and more remote users,” noted the Wall Street Journal. “That is partly because telecom companies aren’t spending as much on new construction to avoid squeezing their profit. But it is also because Web companies crave the certainty that comes from owning the assets.” (Gizmodo)(The Wall Street Journal) 

UK Government Investigating Huawei

United Kingdom government officials announced plans to investigate security at a cybersecurity center located in southern England operated by China’s Huawei. The investigation is reportedly being conducted to ensure the nation’s telecommunications networks remain secure. There are concerns about the company’s access to the nation’s communications infrastructure and whether it has ties to the Chinese government or military. Allegations have been made that the firm inserts backdoors in its equipment to allow the Chinese government to conduct espionage. United States businesses have already been advised by US House of Representatives members not to buy equipment from the company following testimony by the firm they deemed “unconvincing”. The security center, staffed by UK nationals, was opened in 2010 to test both telecommunications hardware and software for security risks before they were used in Britain’s critical infrastructure. Huawei, the world’s second largest telecommunications firm, issued a statement supporting the investigation, which is also determining whether the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) should have a greater role in managing the center. (ZDNet)(Reuters)

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