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IBM Watson Tasked with Combating Brain Cancer

Scientists are deploying IBM’s Watson cloud-based supercomputing technology to help find individualized treatments for brain cancer. Researchers from the New York Genome Center will use Watson to sequence 800 billion base pairs of DNA from a tumor. They will then give the system the DNA data and clinical information from medical literature to find the best possible treatment for a patient with glioblastoma, the most common type of malignant brain cancer affecting US adults. A single researcher could sequence 140 pairs of DNA in a year, but Watson can sequence 75 million pairs in one second. The project will initially work with 20 brain cancer patients. IBM says it hopes the IBM Watson-based treatment-development system will be viable for commercial use in no more than a year or so.  (The Associated Press)(CIO Magazine)

Dropbox Acquires Virtual-Supercomputing Start-up

Dropbox, the online file-sharing service, has acquired a start-up, called PiCloud, that gives users access to a virtual supercomputer. The PiCloud staff will reportedly work on APIs and other developer tools for Dropbox. The original PiCloud project—designed to let users access massive amounts of computing power through the cloud—will continue as an open source project operated by Multyvac. (WIRED)(The Next Web)(PiCloud)

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