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Apple Awarded $1 Billion in US Patent Row with Samsung

A California jury has awarded $1.05 billion to Apple after finding that Samsung “willfully” infringed on six Apple patents. Samsung says it will contest the verdict. Because the jury found that Samsung willfully infringed on Apple’s patents, the judge could award triple the $1.05 billion jury judgment. In the wake of the verdict, it remains unclear what Samsung, which is based in South Korea, will have to do to remain active in the US market. Analysts say that company might have to license technology from Apple or else pull all devices using the infringed-upon technologies from the market and redesign them. A South Korean court recently ruled that Apple and Samsung infringed on each other’s mobile-device-related patents. The court awarded both companies damages and banned sales of some of their products in South Korea. Both consumers and analysts have expressed concern that the US ruling could inhibit innovation and cause device prices to rise. (PhysOrg)(AFP)(The New York Times)(ZDNet)

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