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Blue Shield of California Leaks Physician Data

Medical-insurance provider Blue Shield of California accidentally included Social Security numbers belonging to about 18,000 California physicians and other healthcare providers in monthly reports to the state’s Department of Managed Health Care submitted from February through April 2013. Blue Shield didn’t mark the information as confidential, so the state made it available under California’s public-records law. According to the Department of Managed Health Care, it responded to 10 public-records requests by making the reports available to insurance companies, their attorneys, and two members of the media. The agency is asking them to destroy the CDs containing the sensitive data in return for new CDs with the Social Security numbers deleted. The state notified Blue Shield, and they are working together to notify the affected healthcare providers, as well as offering a year of free credit monitoring. The Department of Managed Health Care agency says it is implementing new software and otherwise working to prevent such a problem from occurring again. (SlashDot)(IT World)

US Agency Charges LA Building Owner for Lights that Interfere with Communications

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has cited a Los Angeles office building owner has been cited by for interfering with local cellular communications. The FCC says fluorescent lights at Ernst & Young Plaza, a 41-story  building near downtown, emit frequencies that interfere with a Verizon Wireless 700-MHz network. The commission thus cited the building’s owner, Brookfield Office Properties, which reportedly has investigated the matter without submitting the findings to the FCC. Verizon previously complained to the FCC about the interference prompting the agency’s investigation. The FCC has requested the results of the building owner’s internal investigation, as well as steps it is taking to resolve the issue, within 60 days. The commission could fine Brookfield as much as $16,000 per day, up to a total of $112,500, and seek criminal sanctions if it keeps using the lighting. The company—which says it is committed to resolving technical issues associated with its properties—has 30 days to challenge the FCC findings. The problem is reportedly a General Electric lighting fixture transformer that emits high-frequency radio signals. Fixture maker General Electric provided information about how consumers can replace bad fixtures, according to the FCC. This is reportedly the same fixture found last year to be interfering with an AT&T 700-MHz Long Term Evolution (LTE) cell site in San Antonio, Texas. (SlashDot)(Fierce Wireless)(PC World)

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