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US Report Claims Too Many Cyberattacks Aren’t Reported

The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC)—a US-based, nonprofit, public-policy think tank—has issued a report stating that too many cyberattacks in the United States go unreported. The lack of reporting causes a myriad of problems from the theft of intellectual property to compromised national security. The concerns that prevent organizations from divulging information about attacks range from reputation damage to loss of customers, as well as possible liabilities connected to divulging information, according to the BPC. The report found that the number of cyberattacks in the US is increasing along with financial losses resulting from them but that organizations openly sharing information about the incidents could improve the situation. Between October 2011 and February 2012, victims reported more than 50,000 cyberattacks on private and government networks to the US Department of Homeland Security. Of these, 86 targeted critical-infrastructure networks. (PhysOrg)(AFP)(The Bipartisan Policy Center)

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