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Apple Allowing Virtual-Currency Transactions in Applications

Software developers can now offer virtual-currency transactions in their Apple-based applications for iPhones and iPads. Apple revamped its App Store guidelines to permit applications to process transactions with, according to the Apple developer blog, “approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions.” Apple has not yet released a list of “approved” virtual currencies. Apple previously removed applications using virtual cash from its online store. In response, some developers reportedly deleted virtual currency coding from their programs so that they could remain in the store. Google Android currently supports transactions using several different types of virtual currency. (Reuters)(BBC)(Apple)

Kaspersky: Apple Mobile Application Contains Malware

Researchers with Kaspersky Lab have discovered an application in Apple’s App Store that contains  a Trojan. It is reportedly the first time an infected application has been found in the Apple store. The Find and Call application purported to make contact management easier for users, but it actually uploaded an infected user’s contacts to a remote server. The information was used to distribute spam via SMS. These SMS messages also featured a link to download the infected application. The application also uploaded GPS coordinates from an infected phone to the malware author’s server.  It was originally assumed the worm spread through text messages, but researchers found it to have originated with a Trojan. The malware was also discovered in Android’s Google Play. The application has been removed from both stores. (ZDNet)(Wired)(CNET)(Securelist -- Kaspersky Lab)

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