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Appeals Court Refuses to Re-Hear Apple-Samsung Patent Case

A US appeals court upheld the decision of a lower court in a patent infringement suit brought by Samsung against Apple. The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit made its decision 14 May 2014 without offering any explanation. The companies have been locked in litigation worldwide regarding their smartphone and mobile device patents. Neither company issued a comment. Earlier this month, Samsung was ordered to pay $119.6 million for infringing three Apple patents, a matter that could also be appealed. (Reuters)

Jury Reaches Verdict in Multimillion-Dollar Samsung-Apple Case

An eight-member federal jury in a trial related to an ongoing patent dispute between leading smartphone makers Apple and Samsung found that each company violated the other’s patented technology. The jury ruled that Samsung violated two Apple patents—the judge had already ruled that it has violated a third—and awarded Apple $120 million—much less than the $2.2 billion it had sought. The jury also found that Apple infringed a Samsung patent and awarded $158,400 in damages, much less than the $6 million Samsung originally sought. Jurors must still decide on a few matters, but experts say they won’t significantly affect the amount awarded. The judge has yet to decide on requests by both companies to ban products with patent-violating technologies. However, she has refused the companies’ requests to do so in the past. The recent trial is the latest salvo in an ongoing, worldwide patent battle between the companies over patents in the lucrative mobile-technology market. In the companies’ first trial in 2012, jurors initially awarded Apple $1.05 billion—less than the $2.75 billion the company asked for—but subsequently reduced the amount to $930 million. (The Associated Press)(San Jose Mercury News)(Tech Times -- 1)(Tech Times -- 2) (Businessweek)

Apple Balks at Helping Family Accessing Inherited iPad

A London man whose mother bequeathed her iPad to her family claims Apple is balking at helping them unlock her device. According to Josh Grant, the family has, since his mother’s death, provided Apple with requested copies of her will and death certificate, as well as a solicitor’s letter. However, he said, the company still hasn’t unlocked the device. Grant claims Apple is demanding written consent from the now-deceased owner. Following the original publication of the item, the BBC amended the piece with a comment stating “Apple has acknowledged it misunderstood the request to unlock the device. The company has now restored the factory settings. It maintains a court order would be needed to access the iCloud.” Grant told BBC Radio 4 that his mother bought the tablet during her cancer treatment to keep in touch with her five sons. “At 59,” he said, “my mum was fairly young, I’ve already lost my dad and it’s a bit cold of them not to treat things on a case-by-case basis.” (SlashDot)(BBC)

Apple System Connects Devices with Vehicles

Apple has developed the CarPlay infotainment system to let users connect their iOS device with their car. It enables users to make calls, listen to music or messages, and use a mapping application hands-free or via touch controls, buttons, dials, or knobs. CarPlay will work with third-party music streaming apps such as Spotify, Beats Radio, and iHeartRadio. The system will initially appear in Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo vehicles starting this year. Other automakers—including BMW, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover, Kia, Subaru, and Toyota– will eventually add the system, says Apple. Apple will demonstrate CarPlay during the Geneva Motor Show 6 through 16 March 2014. (Mashable)(ZD Net)

Working Apple 1 on the Auction Block

A functioning Apple 1—one of the first Apple computers—is set to be auctioned next week. The computer was discovered in storage by Ted Perry, a retired school psychologist who lives in Carmichael, California, a suburb of Sacramento. He obtained it in about 1979 or 1980 in a swap for other computer gear. The motherboard is the only original item remaining on the system. The market for early Apple products became hot, according to the Associated Press, after Steve Jobs’ death in 2011. Christie’s auction house will start the bidding on the Apple 1 at roughly $300,000 and estimates it could sell for as much as $500,000. In May, a working Apple 1 sold at an auction in Germany for a record auction price fetched by an Apple computer $671,000. Only 46 of the 200 Apple 1 computers made still remain, with only six in working condition. (PC Mag)(The Associated Press @ USA Today)

Apple Cuts Price on iPod Touch Following Sales Milestone

After selling an estimated 100 million of its iPod Touch devices since  the device’s introduction in 2007, Apple Computer announced it would be offering a new 16GB device at a slashed price of $229. It will not have a rear facing camera and will reportedly lack the color options found on the higher-priced versions. The iPod Touch is much like the iPhone, but has no phone capability. It can be used for listening to music as well as gaming. The 32 GB and 64 GB versions of the device sell for $299 and $399, respectively. (The Los Angeles Times)(The Loop)(CNET)

Apple Security Exploit Uncovered

Almost immediately after rolling out new two-step verification security, Apple discovered a vulnerability that could enable hackers to easily reset an account password via its iForgot service using only the user’s e-mail and date of birth. Any user who had not enabled two-factor authentication was not vulnerable. The exploit for bypassing the security questions was detailed and widely shared online. It had reportedly originated with a Chinese-language hacking website, although it was later published in English. The new security was intended to protect Apple ID and iCloud account users, including iTunes. The new security is available in the US, UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. Apple claims the vulnerability has been fixed. (The Verge)(ZDNet)

Apple Awarded $1 Billion in US Patent Row with Samsung

A California jury has awarded $1.05 billion to Apple after finding that Samsung “willfully” infringed on six Apple patents. Samsung says it will contest the verdict. Because the jury found that Samsung willfully infringed on Apple’s patents, the judge could award triple the $1.05 billion jury judgment. In the wake of the verdict, it remains unclear what Samsung, which is based in South Korea, will have to do to remain active in the US market. Analysts say that company might have to license technology from Apple or else pull all devices using the infringed-upon technologies from the market and redesign them. A South Korean court recently ruled that Apple and Samsung infringed on each other’s mobile-device-related patents. The court awarded both companies damages and banned sales of some of their products in South Korea. Both consumers and analysts have expressed concern that the US ruling could inhibit innovation and cause device prices to rise. (PhysOrg)(AFP)(The New York Times)(ZDNet)

Apple Confounds Market with TV Offering

Apple is reportedly in talks with US cable operators about supplying a device for broadcasting live cablecasts and other content. It’s unclear whether the company is transforming its Apple TV digital media receiver —which retails for $99 and shows a limited amount of content—into a fully functional TV or manufacturing a new device. Apple has discussed several possibilities. “It is widely assumed that Apple will change the TV industry by developing a set that packs every feature into one box,” Louis Bedigian, senior technology analyst with media company Benzinga, wrote on the Forbes website. “Even if that proves to be the case, it is unlikely that innovation will work in Apple’s favor. Unlike smartphones…TVs are not throwaway devices. Consumers do not need to replace their TVs every few years.” This means Apple would not be able to make money selling frequently updated versions of its TV as it does with the iPhone and the iPad. Apple has declined comment. (Forbes)(PC Mag)(Bloomberg @ SF Gate)(The Wall Street Journal)

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