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Working Apple 1 on the Auction Block

A functioning Apple 1—one of the first Apple computers—is set to be auctioned next week. The computer was discovered in storage by Ted Perry, a retired school psychologist who lives in Carmichael, California, a suburb of Sacramento. He obtained it in about 1979 or 1980 in a swap for other computer gear. The motherboard is the only original item remaining on the system. The market for early Apple products became hot, according to the Associated Press, after Steve Jobs’ death in 2011. Christie’s auction house will start the bidding on the Apple 1 at roughly $300,000 and estimates it could sell for as much as $500,000. In May, a working Apple 1 sold at an auction in Germany for a record auction price fetched by an Apple computer $671,000. Only 46 of the 200 Apple 1 computers made still remain, with only six in working condition. (PC Mag)(The Associated Press @ USA Today)

Antique Apple Commands $671K

A still-functioning Apple-1 computer has sold for a record $671,000 at a German auction. An anonymous bidder, described by the auction house as a “wealthy entrepreneur from the Far East,” paid double the price auctioneers expected the computer to command. Only 200 Apple-1 computers were made in 1976, and only six still work. The system consisted of a circuit board that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak assembled. Users had to furnish the power supply, keyboard, and monitor. The computer sold at auction with its original manual and a letter to the first owner signed by Steve Jobs. The computer was one of several technology-related items that Auction Team Breker sold. The other items included a reproduction Pascaline, the mechanical calculator that French mathematician Blaise Pascal invented in 1642; an original Apple Lisa personal computer; and the SCELBI-8H, an early kit computer. (CNN)(Computerworld)

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