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Apple Reaches Out-of-Court Settlement on eBook Price Fixing

Apple has reached an out-of-court settlement with 33 attorneys general from US states and other jurisdictions who filed a class action lawsuit seeking $840 million in damages for the company’s fixing of eBook prices. A trial on the case, scheduled to start 14 July 2014, was to determine whether Apple led a conspiracy to increase eBook prices designed to force Amazon.com to change its low pricing. The settlement allows Apple to avoid a jury trial. Details regarding the settlement agreement, which is still subject to court approval, were not released. Apple has declined to comment and says it intends to appeal. It has repeatedly denied breaking any antitrust laws. The settlement hinges on the outcome of the appeal of a separate, but related ruling. In July 2013, a US federal court found Apple guilty of colluding with five major publishers to increase eBook prices ahead of the iPad launch. (Bloomberg)(Reuters)(The Washington Post)

Google Proposes Concessions in EU Antitrust Case

Google formally submitted a concession package to European Union regulators in hopes of ultimately settling antitrust allegations without incurring either formal charges or a fine. These concessions have not been made public, but industry observers say the Internet search giant has proposed labeling its own services in search results, such as results from YouTube, and easing restrictions on advertisers by allowing them to export analytical data and permitting them to move to competitors’ services. These concessions will reportedly be the first time Google has responded to any type of regulatory pressure. The EU has been investigating various complaints against Google for its business practices, such as allegedly manipulating search results, since 2010. (Reuters)(Mail Online)

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