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Business Travelers Demand Free Wireless Access

With the boom in mobile-device adoption, business travelers are increasingly concerned about the availability of reliable wireless access in hotels, airports, and airlines, according to the New York Times. Airlines are an overwhelming concern among travelers, the Times noted. Air carriers are still installing Wi-Fi equipment on their fleet and determining service costs, which make availability uncertain for passengers. “No matter what the system is, none of them right now are showing the ability to keep up with passenger demand,” Mary Kirby, editor in chief of Airline Passenger Experience magazine, told the Times. “I’ve heard complaints about every single system.” Typical demand for Wi-Fi is 5 to 10 percent of passengers, generally more so on flights of longer duration, according to airlines and wireless providers. Routehappy, a new consumer website that helps travelers find Wi-Fi on a route, estimated in mid-April that 24 percent of domestic flights offered Wi-Fi, 56 percent did not, and 20 percent of flights might offer services. John Walton, Routehappy’s director of data, told The Australian Financial Review  their “maybe” category reflects the fact that airlines are busy installing this technology, so it is not always possible to determine weeks in advance if a flight will have wireless technology nor is it known how well it will work. Delta Airlines has Wi-Fi on more than 800 of its aircraft, including all its domestic aircraft and smaller regional jets; and United Airlines has service on only 50 airplanes used on domestic routes. (The New York Times)(The Australian Financial Review)

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