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Researchers Produce Airframe Quickly with 3D Printing

Scientists at the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Center have made a drone’s airframe using only 3D printing. This let them produce the airframe and have it flying within a day, and use less material in the process. The researchers made a blended-wing aircraft using fused deposition modeling, in which layers of a material are built up to make an object. Typically, the process requires additional material to support the structure during printing, which adds to the cost and construction time. The University of Sheffield scientists’ design eliminates the support material by changing the geometry of the design. Their design structure contains no critical angles that would require such support material. Their airframe has a 1.5-meter wingspan and weighs less than 2 kg without the motor and electronics. They are also designing a new version of the airframe that has a greater wing span and that will be able to fly longer and faster, and carry bigger payloads. (SlashDot)(Gizmag)(Advanced Manufacturing Research Center)

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