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“Native Advertising” Practices Illegal, Confusing

The increased use of advertisements that are indistinguishable from editorial content on a website – known as "native advertising" or “sponsored content” -- may be illegal in some instances, according to the US Federal Trade Commission. Seventy-three percent of online publishers use native advertising, while 41 percent of brands and one-third of advertising agencies use it. The commission recently held a workshop to determine whether it should issue additional guidance on the issue to help both advertisers and publishers avoid enforcement actions. The net result: "This has raised more questions than it answered," Mary Engle, the FTC's associate director of the advertising practices division, said. The industry is being proactive. Trade groups including the American Society of Magazine Editors have released guidelines for native advertising practices. (Reuters)(Adweek)(The New York Times)

Mozilla Suggests Privacy-Protecting Approach for Personalizing Online Content

Mozilla is floating a new idea that would let browsers personalize Web content without needing to access a user’s entire browsing history as is the case now. If adopted, this interface would give users control over information their browser shares with websites and eliminate tracking systems used by advertisers that typically access a user’s entire browsing history. Such information is typically used to deliver content, such as advertisements, to a user based on sites or information previously viewed. The history can also be accessed without the user’s consent, which is a problem for privacy. The Mozilla Labs Prospector research team developed its new approach by conducting opt-in experiments with volunteer users. Mozilla’s new Firefox browser design would use artificial intelligence to learn a user’s interests over time and make relevant content available. (SlashDot)(Engadget)(CNET)(Mozilla)

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