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Software Lends Structural Integrity to Printed 3D Items

Purdue University and Adobe Advanced Technology Labs researchers have created software that automatically provides 3D structures with strength before they are printed. Typically, items printed in 3D can be fragile and lose their shape. The new software uses structural analysis to find problem areas, such as where a person is likely to grab an item, and chooses one of three possible remedies: increasing an area’s thickness, adding struts, or hollowing out places that would make the structure overweight. The researchers say the software also saves about 80 percent in costs over conventional 3D printing. Since the process is less precise, it requires less computational resources than precision manufacturing commonly used to create items such as aircraft turbine blades. The researchers say the software may eventually include algorithms that work with printed objects that have moving parts. They presented their work recently at SIGGRAPH 2012. (EurekAlert)(Purdue University)

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