California software firm acquires open source tech support group

San Mateo, Calif.-based SpringSource Inc., which develops open source software for building and deploying mission-critical enterprise applications, on Tuesday announced it has purchased Covalent Technologies Inc., the East Bay Business Times reports. SpringSource did not release financial or other terms of the deal. Walnut Creek-based Covalent provides support and services for Apache Software Foundation open source projects and has a customer base of more than 400 organizations, as well as more than 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies and 20 percent of Global 2000 groups, according to SpringSource. As part of the merger, Covalent’s CEO will become vice president and general manager of the Covalent business unit at SpringSource (East Bay Business Times, 1/29/08)

San Francisco region transit riders participate in NFC tech pilot

Oakland-based Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) district has asked more than 200 BART riders to take part in what is being touted as a "cutting-edge technology trial," the East Bay Business Times reports. According to a BART spokesperson, 230 volunteer participants on Jan. 29 will begin using specially equipped Samsung mobile phones designed to complete functions such as paying for BART tickets and downloading data from "smart" advertisements posted in stations. This new "near field communication" (NFC) technology is expected to revolutionize consumer purchases for a variety of goods and services, according to the Business Times (Goll, East Bay Business Times, 1/28/08).

Tennessee university establishes biotechnology school

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center is transforming its biomedical engineering and imaging program into its own designated school, the Memphis Business Journal reports. The school, which was previously a program within the College of Medicine, will include nine faculty members and 25 graduates on average per semester. The school’s interim director noted in a statement that the school’s success “will be a key measure of success for the Memphis Bioworks Foundation as we develop the infrastructure, grow the workforce and promote entrepreneurship in the biosciences in Memphis" (Memphis Business Journal, 1/29/08).

President Bush touts health IT in State of the Union Address

In last night’s State of the Union address, President Bush reiterated his support for health information technology (IT), Healthcare IT News reports. Specifically, Bush's health care plan calls for electronic health records and quality reporting to curb costs and increase transparency, ultimately improving the U.S. health care system. In his address, he also called for a tax code change that would increase access to health coverage. C-SPAN video has posted the complete State of the Union address (Manos, Healthcare IT News, 1/29/08).

Marriot rolls out electronic health records system

Marriot this month deployed a Web-based personal health records (PHRs) system to 50,000 employees nationwide after a successful test pilot Management, InformationWeek reports. Developed by ActiveHealth, the system aggregates data collected from other sources with information that employees enter such as medical histories and health risk assessment surveys to create a PHR. Unlike PHRs offered by other employers, Marriot's system uses a sophisticated clinical rules engine that is designed to identify potential medical mistakes and gaps in care that could lead to serious complications and costs. The program, called CareEngine, analyzes patient information, such as claims data and lab results, and compares it with evidence-based clinical practices, metrics and algorithms. When it detects a potential problem, the system alerts the physician and patient via phone, certified mail or electronic messages. In addition, the PHR system provides Marriot employees with links to health care resources, such as tips for healthier living, and access to live health coaches to help improve chronic disease management. According to Marriot’s vice president of health and wellness, the company is developing an incentive plan aimed at encouraging employees to participate in the PHR program (McGee, InformationWeek, 1/28/08).

Cell phone software reads to the blind

K-NFB Reading Technology, a developer of assistive technologies, introduced what it touts as the first mobile phone software that can read to the blind and others, InformationWeek reports. K-NFB, a partnership between Kurzweil Technologies and the National Federation of the Blind, is offering its reading software for use on the Nokia N82 mobile phone, creating what the company calls the smallest text-to-speech reading device to date. Created as part of a new product line called Reader Mobile, the software basically reads text out loud to the blind. Reader Mobile products include both the knfbReader and the kReader, which enable the user to take pictures using the N82's built-in camera and read printed materials through image processing software developed by Kurzweil. In addition, users can enlarge, track and highlight content in documents directly on the phone and can transfer documents stored in the phone to and from Braille desktop programs. The company adds that Reader Mobile makes various mobile phone functions accessible to the blind, such as video and music playback, GPS, wireless communications, photography, e-mail, text messaging and calendars (Malykhina, InformationWeek, 1/28/08).

Dell acquires data storage software firm

Marking its largest buyout to date, Dell Inc. recently acquired New Hampshire-based data storage software firm EqualLogic Inc. for $1.4 billion, the Austin Business Journal reports. EqualLogic specializes in iSCSI storage area network products optimized for virtualization, touted as one of the fastest growing segments of the storage business. As part of Dell’s expansion into information technology services, the company will incorporate products developed by EqualLogic into the Dell PowerVault storage line. According to Dell’s CEO, the newly acquired technology will assist Dell's customers in storing and processing data. Officials add, however, that the deal may bring down the stock price from two to five cents in 2009 and 2010 (Austin Business Journal, 1/28/08).

AT&T expands digital television network

Creating its largest single U-verse market to date, AT&T Inc. recently expanded U-verse TV digital television coverage across 175 communities in Northeastern Illinois, the San Antonio Business Journal reports. Unveiled in San Antonio in 2006, U-verse TV, which is a 100 percent Internet Protocol-based television service, offers subscribers access to as many as 320 channels, including 40 that in high definition, and AT&T customers can record up to four programs at once using an HD digital video recorder. According to officials, the company made this Illinois investment after state lawmakers began sponsoring the Cable and Video Competition Law, which encourages new video providers to compete against incumbent cable providers (San Antonio Business Journal, 1/28/08).

U.S. veterinarians tap virtual tools to help rebuild Iraqi zoo

Veterinarians from both the North Carolina (N.C.) Zoo and N.C. State University helping rebuild the Baghdad Zoo by offering an online link to classes and experts, the Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area reports. Veterinarians at the Baghdad Zoo this semester began participating in the Advanced Topics in Zoological Medicine course offered by N.C. State. Through satellite connection and video conferencing, Iraqi veterinarians can interact with instructors, students and field experts. In addition, the virtual tools enable them to connect directly to the N.C. Zoo Hospital for consultations and advice (Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area, 1/28/08).

InformationWeek lists 60 top "little-known" tech Web sites

InformationWeek reporters have compiled a list of the top 63 technology Web sites that they recommend as supplements to traditional, popular tech sites. The periodical's in-house favorites are listed in no particular order and organized by categories such as Apple, Finance and Technology, Tech Careers, and Open Source (InformationWeek, 1/28/08).

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