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IEEE Computer Society is growing and changing, and we would like to welcome our first-time members by offering more benefits and more content than ever before. Join now and get IEEE Computer Society for the remainder of 2013 through 31 December 2014 for just US$99.

Through this special offer, you receive all the standard benefits of IEEE Computer Society membership plus a few new benefits. Don't forget to use the promo code on the right!

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Based on your technical area, interests, and career goals, your choice of one of the following publications:

Security & Privacy

IEEE Software Digital Edition
This bimonthly magazine delivers reliable information and expert advice on software architecture, design, project management, quality, testing, functional and dynamic languages, agile processes, lean development, and great new tools.


Security & Privacy

IT Professional Digital Edition
This bimonthly magazine gives builders and managers of enterprise systems essential articles to inform their practical and strategic choices on issues surrounding enterprise architecture and standards, information systems, networks, programming languages, project management, training and education, and other vital IT topics.


Security & Privacy

IEEE Security & Privacy Digital Edition
This bimonthly magazine shows you how to secure your networks and operating systems, identify and thwart Internet attacks, and improve wireless and software security. Topics covered include enterprise security management, identity theft, legislative actions, malware, access control, Web applications security, and security and privacy policies.


Security & Privacy

IEEE Micro Digital Edition
This bimonthly magazine helps readers increase their technical knowledge of computer and peripherals, semiconductors, embedded systems, communications hardware, application-specific processors, power consumption, memory performance, and more.



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Select three webinars from the extensive selection offered by IEEE Computer Society, giving you access to industry leaders and cutting-edge topics such as "Conquer Complexity with Effective ALM and a Focus on Design" or "Using the Cloud as part of your Disaster Recovery planning."

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