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This is the most comprehensive, practical guide to building enterpriseclass applications with SharePoint 2007, ASP.NET 2.0, Visual C# 2005, and the Microsoft Office 2007 system. Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Development Unleashed is designed for every working .NET developer: both those with SharePoint experience and those new to SharePoint. The authors thoroughly introduce SharePoint 2007 as a development platform and offer in-depth, example-rich coverage of every significant tool for programmers--from “Features and Solutions” to list events, from user profiles to Web Parts. You’ll walk step-by-step through building each major type of SharePoint application. You’ll also find in-depth coverage of SharePoint 2007’s rich collection of built-in Web services, including services for building document workspaces, centralizing the management of Excel spreadsheets, ensuring security, and much more.    Detailed information on how to… Use CAML, SharePoint’s XML-based language for defining content, manipulating searches, and more Work with the SharePoint Object Model Build reusable packages for easy deployment to SharePoint server farms Program SharePoint webs, sites, document libraries, and files Leverage SharePoint 2007’s improved lists and new list events Manipulate and query meetings and Meeting Workspaces Integrate external business data into SharePoint applications Construct business workflows for enterprise content management and other applications Program ASP.NET-based SharePoint Web Parts, from the basics to state-of-the-art techniques Create Web Parts that can provide and consume data through connections Use SharePoint 2007’s built-in Web services for managing document and Meeting Workspaces, imaging, and lists Centralize spreadsheet storage and management with Excel Services Manage user profiles and enhance application security Debug and deploy SharePoint 2007 applications Work with Records Repositories and metadata Introduction  1 1              Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) Primer  5 Part I        Programming with the SharePoint Object Model  2              Introduction to the SharePoint Object Model  15 3              Programming with Features and Solutions  25 4              Working with Sites and Webs  35 5              Managing SharePoint Lists  47 6              Advanced List Management  59 7              Handling List Events  69 8              Working with Document Libraries and Files  83 9              Working with Meetings  97 Part II        Enterprise Content Management 10             Integrating Business Data  109 11             Creating Business Data Applications  121 12             Working with User Profiles  135 13             Building Workflows  147 Part III       Programming SharePoint Web Parts 14             ASP.NET Server Control Primer  163 15             Introduction to Web Parts  173 16             Developing Full-Featured Web Parts  191 17             Building Web Parts for Maintaining SharePoint 2007 Lists  205 18             Building Connected Web Parts  217 19             Debugging and Deploying Web Parts  229 Part IV      Programming the SharePoint 2007 Web Services 20             Using the Document Workspace Web Service  241 21             Using the Imaging Web Service 255 22             Using the Lists Web Service 273 23             Using the Meeting Workspace Web Service  291 24             Working with User Profiles and Security  307 25             Using Excel Services  321 26             Working with the Web Part Pages Web Service  337 27             Using the Business Data Catalog Web Services  347 28             Using the Workflow Web Service  359 29             Working with Records Repositories  369 30             Additional Web Services  377 Index  387
Microsoft® SharePoint® 2007 Development Unleashed
Robert Foster
Kevin Hoffman
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