Call for special issue proposals

IEEE Internet Computing publishes novel content from academic and industry experts on a wide range of special issue theme topics. Currently, IC is seeking special issue proposals for next year's editorial calendar.

Each special issue of IC typically includes three to five peer-reviewed theme articles and a Guest Editors' Introduction (about 33 magazine pages in all). See our Guest Editor Guidelines for an overview of duties, including an approximate timeline of the review and publishing processes. Special issues should have two to three guest editors, at least one of whom is an editorial board member. (You do not need to identify a board member to make a proposal, though it is very helpful. If the proposal is accepted, IC will assign one.)

To propose a theme to guest edit, please submit the following materials to editor in chief, Michael Rabinovich:

  • an overview of the theme topic, describing why it is important, timely, and relevant to IC (see our About page for a general overview of IC's content and target audience);
  • a 300-word Call for Papers that includes a paragraph on the general issues that good submissions should explore and a bulleted list of five or six potential paper topics;
  • a list of potential reviewers;
  • a list of potential authors from whom you plan to solicit; and
  • CVs for the proposed guest editors.

Proposals for next year's editorial calendar are due 1 March 2011.

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