IEEE Intelligent Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

IEEE Intelligent Systems provides peer-reviewed, cutting-edge articles on the theory and applications of systems that perceive, reason, learn, and act intelligently.

1. Who publishes the magazine?
IEEE Intelligent Systems is a publication of the IEEE Computer Society.

2. What is the magazine's scope of IEEE Intelligent Systems?
IEEE Intelligent Systems serves users, managers, developers, researchers, and purchasers who are interested in intelligent systems and artificial intelligence, with particular emphasis on applications. Typically they are degreed professionals, with backgrounds in engineering, hard science, or business. The publication emphasizes current practice and experience, together with promising new ideas that are likely to be used in the near future. Sample topic areas for feature articles include knowledge-based systems, intelligent software agents, natural-language processing, technologies for knowledge management, machine learning, data mining, adaptive and intelligent robotics, knowledge-intensive processing on the Web, and social issues relevant to intelligent systems. Also encouraged are application features, covering practice at one or more companies or laboratories; full-length product stories (which require refereeing by at least three reviewers); tutorials; surveys; and case studies. Often issues are theme-based and collect articles around a contemporary topic under the auspices of a Guest Editor working with the EIC.

3. Is IEEE Intelligent Systems refereed?
Feature articles submitted to IEEE Intelligent Systems are usually sent to specialists in the field for review, as well as nonspecialists, and will possibly be reviewed across multiple areas. This is to ensure that we publish accurate, nonbiased, and accessible information. IEEE Intelligent Systems is a magazine, not a journal, and the articles are written for a wide audience of artificial intelligence professionals.

4. If I'm refereeing an article for IEEE Intelligent Systems, what's expected of me?
We would appreciate it if you could look over the article and let us know if you think it's suitable for publication. In particular, is it accurate? Is it properly slanted? Is it too technical? Is it too simplified? If you need more information, please read our Reviewer Guidelines. We usually need your opinion as soon as possible, so let our magazine assistant know immediately if you're unavailable (and please suggest an alternate reviewer).

5. Can we put an IEEE Intelligent Systems article up on our Web site?
Please review our copyright policies. Send questions and requests to the IEEE Intellectual Property Rights Office,

6. How can I subscribe?
To subscribe, visit the IEEE CS subscription page for the pricing structures.

7. How do I change my subscription address?
Send address changes to, visit, or call 1 800 678 IEEE (4333).

8. How should I submit an article to IEEE Intelligent Systems?
The IEEE Computer Society employs Manuscript Central, a secure, Web-based manuscript submission and peer-review tracking system. Authors who wish to submit to IEEE Intelligent Systems must use this system to upload their submission. First-time users must create a new account. The site itself provides detailed instructions on use.

NOTE: Please disable the pop-up blocker in your browser before accessing Manuscript Central.

9. What sort of artwork should I submit with my article?
We like eye-catching, high-quality, color art to illustrate our articles and departments. We generally use electronic files in TIF, and EPS formats. We frequently redraw diagrams, but we fully involve the author during that process.

10. How much editing can I expect?
The amount of editing varies from piece to piece. Please read our Author Guidelines and Editing Philosophy pages for a description of how we edit and the style we prefer for articles and departments. The staff editor assigned to you will work closely with you to make sure both sides are satisfied.

11. How can I get a back issue of IEEE Intelligent Systems?

Single copies of IEEE Intelligent Systems are available for $20 (members of the IEEE CS) and $114 (nonmembers). Please click here or send requests to

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