Email Privacy Policy

HTML email communications sent through the IEEE Computer Society's official email service provider, Marketo, use industry-accepted technology to track open and click-through rates. Data received from this practice is used for internal purposes only and is never shared with other organizations.

The technology enables the Computer Society to measure the engagement of recipients so that we can modify content to better serve recipients' interests, as well as to resolve email delivery issues and help manage subscribers' email preferences.

Those who object to the use of such tracking technology in HTML emails can avoid it by either clicking on Manage Preferences in the footer of the email, and then choosing the "prefer to receive text instead of HTML messages" option or selecting the text messages option at the newsletter signup page.

*Please note that the IEEE Computer Society and IEEE maintain separate email databases.

To change your email preferences with the IEEE Computer Society, or visit the newsletter signup page.

To change your email preferences with the IEEE, contact View the IEEE Computer Society's web and direct mail privacy practices.

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