Corporate Affiliate Program

Reduce the high cost of employee training.

Corporate Affiliate Program

Attract and retain the best technology professionals.

Corporate Affiliate Program

Obtain high quality technical training.

Corporate Affiliate Program

Self-selected and self-paced learning brings your team up-to-the-minute information.

Corporate Affiliate Program

Link your technology professionals to a larger network of peers for inspiration, collaboration and corporate citizenship.

Neil Siegel


"Our people are our most important asset and we're always looking for ways to improve their training and improve their skills. Today is a very cost-sensitive environment. We're finding the program a great value for our money."
—Neil Siegel, sector vice president, Northrop Grumman Information Systems Sector, on the IEEE Computer Society's Corporate Affiliate Program


The Corporate Afilliate Program

Use the Corporate Affiliate Program to help your company meet its training mandates for technical staff—at a significant cost savings. For more information, call 855-727-3632 or email

CAP Program

The program provides:

  • Full access to a training library of 4,000 SkillSoft courses, Brainbench exams, and Safari Online books
  • A dedicated Web portal for employees
  • Monthly digital issues of Computer magazine, and custom-themed newsletters.

Employees can:

  • Design programs that meet their individual needs
  • Select the courses, exams, and books they want
  • Proceed at their own pace
  • Access high-quality, independent technical information
  • Receive member rates on certifications, courses, books, and webinars.
CAP Flexibility

Its flexibility lets companies:

  • Design custom programs to meet their objectives and strategic goals
  • Ensure that technical employees remain up to date on current technologies
  • Guarantee that training goals are met while remaining within budget
  • Receive discounts on recruitment advertising

Is Your Staff Up to Date on the Latest Trends in Computer Technology?


Recent technological advances in computing, communications, software, and hardware have enabled the significant growth of cyberspace, an important aspect of modern life that continues to transform the way citizens, business, and governments interact, collaborate, and conduct business. Our heavy dependence on various digital infrastructures has made them strategic national assets that must be protected to ensure economic growth, prosperity, and safety in the future.


Big Data Visualization

We've entered a data-driven era, in which data are continuously acquired for a variety of purposes. The ability to make timely decisions based on available data is crucial to business success, clinical treatments, cyber and national security, and disaster management. Additionally, the data generated from large-scale simulations, astronomical observatories, high-throughput experiments, or high-resolution sensors will help lead to new discoveries if scientists have adequate tools to extract knowledge from them.


Mobile Computing Meets the Cloud

It could be argued that two of the most important technological developments of the last few years are the emergence of mobile and cloud computing. By shifting the hardware and staffing costs of managing computational infrastructure to third parties such as Google, Microsoft, or Amazon, cloud computing has made it possible for small organizations and individuals to deploy world-scale services; all they need to pay is the marginal cost of actual resource usage. At the same time, the deployment of 3G and 4G networks, the rapid adoption of feature-rich smartphones, and the growing integration of computation into consumer products such as cars and home appliances, have brought mobile and pervasive computing into the mainstream. Read more>

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