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Over 1,000 software development practitioners have advanced their career opportunities through CSDA and CSDP certification

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Lenny Delligatti
Software Engineer - Lockheed Martin 

Certification Testimonials – By Category

Testimonials from Employers and Software Managers

“The CS Certifications are valuable to have in these times of increased competition and global markets. The CSDA and CSDP are a means to increasing the professionalism of a software engineering staff, allowing for greater commonality in training of software engineers, and possibly leading to an enhanced reputation in the industry."

Mike Gayle, CSDP, Senior Manager, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems

 “The Boeing Software Functional office supports the certifications and recognizes the certifications as a way to ensure a sound software engineering foundation which results in a more efficient and competitive workforce providing higher quality software.”

Pierce Gibbs, CSDP, Primary Software Architect, Boeing IDS

“We selected the CSDA and CSDP as the benchmark for software certifications at Siemens as they will help raise the level of competence in our organization.”

Raghu Nambiar, General Manager, Siemens Information Systems Ltd, India

“I see certification as important not just for mission-critical organizations like ours, but also for mainstream, commercial software development. Our laboratory, for instance, works with several large commercial organizations on software. We need to be assured that they are following best software practices as well.”

Larry Cox, CSDP, Deputy Director, Los Alamos Laboratories

“The CSDP gives my company a higher pedigree than many of our competitors. It shows that we are working based on best practices and are a true engineering firm, not just a bunch of hackers.”

Gary Savard, CSDP, CEO, KGS Software Engineering

My company has benefited from the CSDP expertise gained in software engineering management by implementing a successful product evolution.”

Mathi Mathiyazhagan, CSDP, Software Manager, CGI Technologies

Testimonials from Software Professionals

“I’ve been on more than one software project that delivered complex software with fewer defects than some of the best commercial software products and was finished early and under budget. It's not a fluke, it's simply applying the kinds of skills and knowledge embodied in the CSDP and SWEBOK Guide.”

Steve Tockey, CSDP, Principal Consultant, Construx Software

“Since becoming certified, I’m now able to use better judgment in areas where I previously relied on instinct, and I’ve been better able to formalize my input when discussing solution trade-offs. Applying these skills benefits my stakeholders in my current role as a project manager.”Robert Stalzer, CSDP, Software Project Manager

“With my CSDP, I can demonstrate that not only am I a scientist but I also have professional certification in software development that will go a long way toward maintaining and/or restoring the reputation of this laboratory or any institution, that the work I’m doing is valid and trustworthy.”

Larry Cox, CSDP, Deputy Director, Los Alamos Laboratories

“I could not think of a better way to bolster my credentials and help set myself apart than through the CSDP certification. Earning the right to advertise the credential clearly demonstrates my dedication and enthusiasm for our profession.

Gary Kuehn, CSDP, Director of Application Development, Barclays Capital


“There is no other certification that comes close to the CSDP, which exhibit one's capability in the software life cycle.”

Rajeev Shakar, CSDP candidate


"Having the CSDP helped me make the case for strengthening our software quality process, which drastically reduced our production suppuuid=d6b8dfd0-c583-49f4-b236-b028d4b9685e&groupId=@gruuid=d6b8dfd0-c583-49f4-b236-b028d4b9685e&groupId=2286188b8dfd0-c583-49f4-b236-b028d4b9685e&groupId=72508" target="_blank">Phanindra Mankale, CSDP, Banyanleaf Technologies

“The CSDP credential is important because it is the only professionally developed and administered certification process for software developers and engineers that is consistent with ISO certification standards.”

Annette Riley, CSDP

“I believe my CSDP certification and even more, my commitment to continuing education were the primary reasons I got my current position. My company is the bigger beneficiary of my knowledge.

Allan Byrne, CSDP

“The CSDP helps to standardize the important issues for software development professionals and it reinforces the message that software professionals should have a broad understanding of the software engineering knowledge areas as a whole”

Oscar Mondragon, CSDP, European Software Institute Center, Mexico

Testimonials relating to Academia

“We have agreements with leading universities in India to bridge the gap between the academic curriculum and the requirements of the industry and train their students to become successful IT professionals. “We are gearing up to train hundreds of thousands of students and one of our first initiatives is with the universities, where we are keen to prepare students to prepare for IEEE’s CSDA program. We have mapped our curriculum with the curriculum guidelines of CSDA and are confident that we should be able to equip the students with the required skills.”

Uma Ganesh, CEO, Global Talent Track, India

 “Achieving the CSDP has greatly enhanced my career. Including this highly regarded certification has bolstered my standing on grant proposals, development projects, and teuuid=861b9c81-0783-4794-a35f-793d58ce4924&groupId=2286188

Joel Henry, CSDP, University of Montana

"The CSDA is effective as a graduating tool for several reasons.  It gives students who take the exam an industry benchmauuid=5efd943f-67f6-40cf-af1f-9ae19df342e3&groupId=@gruuid=5efd943f-67f6-40cf-af1f-9ae19df342e3&groupId=@group_iuuid=5efd943f-67f6-40cf-af1f-9ae19df342e3&groupId=22861889df342e3&groupId=72508" target="_blank">Tori Wenger, Sr. Engineering Manager, Rockwell Collins

"Both CSDA and CSDP can be extremely useful to computing educators, especially those involved in professional-oriented programs, by providing a view of what software development professionals need to know and be able to do. The CSDA is an excellent tool for undergraduate outcomes assessment and the CSDP could serve a similar role for graduate programs."

Tom Hilburn, CSDP, CSDA, Professor Emeritus, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

"Having the CSDP has helped me to structure our Master of Software Engineering program, specifically in curriculum development and building comprehensive exams. Overall, the CSDP helps advance software as a profession, and I think it has more impact than product-specific certifications like those offered by Cisco and Microsoft."

Peter Knoke, CSDP, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering, University of Alaska - Fairbanks

“Offering the CSDA certification to VIT students will provide opportunities for them to seek international careers as software development practitioners, putting them ahead of their peers in India.”

G. Viswanathan, Chancellor, VIT University, India

The challenge for employers is distinguishing top talent; the CSDP gives them a valuable too to do this. For employees and job candidates, having the CSDP credential helps them to stand out among the competition”

Eddie Burris, CSDP, Assistant Teaching Professor, University of Missouri