4 August 2014

Candidates for Computer Society Officers and 

Board of Governors Positions in 2015

On the following pages are the position statements and biographies of the IEEE Computer Society's candidates for president-elect, first and second vice presidents, and  Board of Governors. Within each category, candidates are listed  in alphabetical order. Election of officers to one-year terms and of Board members to three-year terms, each beginning 1 January 2015,  will be by vote of the membership as specified in the bylaws.

Only Computer Society members without an email address in their member record, or those who have opted out of IEEE email communications, will receive a paper ballot package. Those who receive paper ballots should return them by mail using the business reply envelope provided or to the IEEE Technical Activities, ATTN: SGA, 445 Hoes Lane, PO Box 1331, Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331, USA.

All other members will receive a broadcast email message with voting instructions to access their Web ballot package information. Members (undergraduate students are not eligible to vote) in all regions can vote via the Web at https://eballot4.votenet.com/IEEE. For replacement ballots or to request a paper ballot, call +1-732-562-3904 or email ieee-computervote@ieee.org.

Ballots must be returned no later than 12:00 noon EDT on Monday, 6 October 2014. Results will be announced in Computer's December issue.

The opinions expressed in the statements are those of the individual candidates and do not necessarily reflect Computer Society positions or policies.

Help Us Build a Better Computer Society

BLOG POST:  I love being a part of the Computer Society Board of Governors.  I was elected by members like you who took the time to vote!  My position statement said that I wanted to help the Computer Society better serve its chapters and members.  Towards that end, I am helping to develop a vision of the “Chapter of the Future.”  The nominees that you are voting on care about you, and they care about the Computer Society.  Read their position statements -- they tell you what will be a priority to them if they are elected.  Think about how their vision and goals align with what you want from the Computer Society.  Then make your selections and vote! It’s easy, and you will have played a part in building a better Computer Society.

The election will close at noon EDT on October 6

Jill I. Gostin, 2014 Election Committee Chair, Board of Governors

Make the time to let your voice, your vote, be heard
Jill Gostin
Abraham Lincoln said “Elections belong to the people. It's their decision.”  I encourage you to look online for this quote, and read his next sentence (it’s worth the effort)!
How true, though. This election belongs to you – the world-wide members of the IEEE Computer Society (CS).  The people you elect will be serving you, working to provide you with the CS that you want and need. Go read the bios and statements of each candidate.  Which ones align with some of the things you think the CS should be focusing on?  Pick your favorite candidates and submit your vote.  But don’t stop there!  After the election, share your thoughts with the elected Board members and Officers.  We need to stay connected with our members, so that we can help provide what you need from your professional society.  The needs of our members have changed over the last several years, and we are continually striving to keep up with those changes.  Your vote and your input can help us do just that.
The people you elect will be making decisions that affect you; decisions related to publications, conferences, standards, education, and support for local chapters, to name a few.  Your vote – or your lack of vote – will impact the future of the CS.  Make the time to let your voice, your vote, be heard.
The election begins August 4, and closes at noon EDT on October 6.  Don’t end up having to sit on your blisters (hmm, did you not look up the rest of the Lincoln quote???).
Thank you,
Jill I. Gostin, 2014 Election Chair, Board of Governors
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About CS Elections

The Elections Committee implements the Society's nominations and elections process, and monitors the execution of election policies and procedures established by the Board of Governors, ruling on questions and issues that arise. Read more..

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