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EssentialSets are digital PDF anthologies of definitive articles from the Computer Society Digital Library. Experts in the field put these collections in context with new introductory essays and annotated lists of useful further reading on the topic.

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Software Testing

Software Testing

Edited by Rob Oshana

Software has been tested as long as software has been written, though the concept of software testing has evolved with time. Today, software testing is used to detect faults in requirements, design, and implementation.

The SWEBOK Software Testing Knowledge Area (KA) is broken down into five topics: Software Testing Fundamentals, Test Levels, Test Techniques, Test-related Measures, and Test Process.

This EssentialSet on Software Testing pulls together nine articles from authoritative IEEE-CS publications that add depth to one's understanding of the topics within the Software Testing KA, along with a new introduction and an annotated list of valuable additional reading.

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