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On Architecture with Grady Booch podcast

On Architecture 
IEEE Software's Grady Booch explores software architecture and engineering.

Silver Bullet Security Podcast logo

Silver Bullet Security Podcast
IEEE Security & Privacy's Gary McGraw interviews security experts.

Computing and the Law podcast

Computing and the Law
This series of podcasts provides information about law-related topics of interest to computing professionals.

Forward Slash PodcastForward Slash
This series describes the challenges computing professionals face and the character they draw upon to do their work.

Tools of the Trade iconTools of the Trade
This podcast explores the interplay between the software practitioner and the tools applied to development problems.

Computing Now News Podcast iconComputing Now News Podcast
Computing Now's News Podcast covers the most important and interesting topics from industry and research, taken from the pages of IEEE Computer Society publications.

Doc List icon'Doc' List On Software Trends
Steve "Doc" List explores the changes and evolution that are occurring in the world of software and application development, deployment, and delivery.

Microeconomics iconMicro Economics
These podcasts are based on the Micro Economics column in IEEE Micro by author Shane Greenstein.

Oil Rig at sunriseThe BP Oil Spill: Could Software be a Culprit? Author Don Shafer, chief safety and technology officer with the Athens Group, discusses software failures on oil rigs and the lack of standards across the oil drilling industry.

IEEE Talks Software ProcessIEEE Talks Software Process
Examine topics such as risk management and Lean Six Sigma.

COMPSAC 2009 Presentations

COMPSAC 2009 Presentations
For those interested in computer software and applications.

IPDPS logo

2008 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium

VR 2008 logo

VR 2008
Keynotes and panels from the IEEE Virtual Reality conference.

Partha RanganathanPartha Ranganathan
Partha Ranganathan talks about challenges and opportunities for the exascale era. 

Software Requirements Talk logoThe podcast version of IEEE Software magazine's Requirements department, helmed by Neil Maiden. IEEE Focus on Computer News IEEE Focus on Computer News
Technology news and trends from Computer magazine.
The Known World podcast

The Known World
Based on the Computer column, David Alan Grier discusses the ideas, the culture, and the stories of the digital age.

 Functional Web podcast with Steve VinoskiThe Functional Web
Steve Vinoski on developing production-ready RESTful Web services.

Computing LivesComputing Lives
From the analytical engine to the supercomputer, David Alan Grier examines computing history.

 Standards Speakers Series Standards Speakers Series
CS volunteers discuss developments in key computing standards.
Top Takes on Computing TechnologyTop Takes on Computer Technology
Listen to popular articles from CS periodicals.



Computer Society podcast series bring together leading professionals to discuss the technologies and choices you face on the job.

You can also access news, trends, and more all the time. 

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