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Dear CSIDC Participants and Supporters,


I have been chair of CSIDC for seven years and have devoted a considerable fraction of my life to running the competition and to organizing the large team of volunteers that has made the competition so successful. A lot of countries, universities and teams have taken part in this competition and it has affected the lives and future careers of many students.

The purpose of the competition has been to encourage students to work together in teams to create a computer-based solution to a problem of the team’s own choosing. Students have had to design, construct, test, document, and even sell the system they have invented. The IEEE Computer Society set up the competition to encourage teamwork and best-practice in universities throughout the world. In this, we have been very successful.

Over these seven years about 350 students and mentors have come to Washington DC to take part in the World Finals of CSIDC; this is an event that no one has forgotten. Taking part in the World Finals has always been the highlight of my year and I will never forget the enthusiasm of all the students I have met.

However, CSIDC is an expensive competition. Not only are the prizes large, the Computer Society pays all the expense of students to attend the World Finals in Washington, DC, wherever they come from. Over the years we have had teams attending the World Finals from, for example, Poland, China, Nepal, and Brazil.

In 2006 our multi-year sponsorship arrangement with Microsoft ended. Unfortunately, in spite of considerable effort, we have been unable to find sufficient funding to run CSIDC in 2007. Consequently, the competition will not take place next year. Some students and mentors have already told me that they are very disappointed by this.

However, I will devote a lot of time and energy in attempting to raise sufficient funds to run CSIDC next year (i.e., 2007/2008). If anyone knows of potential donors, I would appreciate it if they could help by putting me in touch with them.

If sufficient funding can be raised, CSIDC 2008 will be launched next year.


Alan Clements
Chair CSIDC 1999 – 2006



The goal of the Seventh Annual Computer Society International Design Competition (CSIDC) is to advance excellence in education by having student teams design and implement computer-based solutions to real-world problems. The theme of this year's CSIDC is Preserving, Protecting and Enhancing the Environment.   All the details about the competition are found by following the links to the right.

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CSIDC 2006 Sponsors

The CSIDC is sponsored by Microsoft.