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History publications of the committee and its members   [updated July 2, 2013]

  • Practical issues of maintaining a history website
    Tom Van Vleck, July 2012
    Committee member Tom Van Vleck maintains the website and has thought a lot about maintaining a history website.  He will be happy to discuss the topic with others trying to put history online.

  • Events and Sightings, Annals of the History of Computing,  April-June 2012, pp. 60-69
  • MIT's 150th Anniversary and MIT Museum Project Whirlwind Presentation (David Walden)
  • IPSJ 4th Information Processing Technology Heritage Certification Ceremony (Akihiko Yamada)
  • 2011 NEC C&C Foundation Prize Ceremony (Akihiko Yamada)
  • IEEE Packet-Speech Milestone Celebrated at MIT Lincoln Laboratory (David Walden)