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Neural Networks, IEEE - INNS - ENNS International Joint Conference on (2000)
Como, Italy
July 24, 2000 to July 27, 2000
ISBN: 0-7695-0619-4
Session MA4: Plenary Talk
Session MB1: Supervised Learning I
Hirohito Shimaday , Kyushu Institute of Technology
Masumi Ishikaway , Kyushu Institute of Technology
pp. 1003
Joumana Ghosn , Universit? de Montr?al
pp. 1009
Masashi Sugiyama , Tokyo Institute of Technology
pp. 1015
G.D. Magoulas , University of Athens and University of Patras
V.P. Plagianakos , University of Patras
M.N. Vrahatis , University of Patras
pp. 1021
Session MB2: Special Session on 'Global Brain'
N.R. Taylor , King's College
R. Bapi , Kawato Dynamic Brain Project
J.G. Taylor , King's College
D. Levine , University of Texas at Arlington
pp. 1041
Pentti O A Haikonen , Nokia Research Center
pp. 1047
Session MB3: System Identification I
Ivan Petrovic , University of Zagreb
Mato Baotic , University of Zagreb
Nedjelko Peric , University of Zagreb
pp. 1053
J.J. Ibarrola , Universidad Polit?cnica de Cartagena
J. Lopez , Universidad Polit?cnica de Cartagena
pp. 1058
Aldo Balestrino , University of Pisa
pp. 1070
A. Fichera , Universit? degli Studi di Catania
G. Muscato , Universit? degli Studi di Catania
M. G. Xibilia , Universit? degli Studi di Catania
A. Pagano , Universit? degli Studi di Catania
pp. 1075
Session MB6: Classification I
Sameer Singh , University Of Exeter
pp. 1085
D.L. Hudson , University of California at San Francisco
M. E. Cohen , California State University at Fresno
pp. 1095
K.M. Adeney , Queen's University
M.J. Korenberg , Queen's University
pp. 1100
Stefano Rovetta , University of Genoa
Sandro Ridella , University of Genoa
pp. 1106
Session MB7: Multilayer Perceptrons I
Jinglu Hu , Kyushu University
Kotaro Hirasawa , Kyushu University
pp. 1120
N. Ampazis , National Center for Scientific ResearchDEMOKRITOS
S.J. Perantonis , National Center for Scientific ResearchDEMOKRITOS
pp. 1126
N. Ampazis , National Center for Scientific ResearchDEMOKRITOS
S.J. Perantonis , National Center for Scientific ResearchDEMOKRITOS
pp. 1138
Session MB8: Image Processing I
Dirk Lücke , University of Bielefeld
Helge Ritter , University of Bielefeld
pp. 1152
Frank E. McFadden , Integrated Management Services, Inc.
pp. 1163
Session MD4: Plenary Talk
John G. Taylor , King's College
pp. 1177
Shu-Hung Leung , City University of Hong Kong
Sin-Chun Ng , Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
pp. 1185
Ryotaro Kamimura , Tokai University
pp. 1197
Session ME2: Neurobiology
Cameron Whitehouse , Rutgers University
Melissa Hornstein , Rutgers University
Vicky Eng , Rutgers University
Evangelia Micheli-Tzanakou , Rutgers University
pp. 1211
Kazuro Shimokawa , Tsukuba University and Electrotechnical Laboratory
Shigeru Murak , Tsukuba University and Electrotechnical Laboratory
pp. 1217
Simona Doboli , University of Cincinnati
Ali A. Minai , University of Cincinnati
pp. 1222
Basabi Bhaumik , Indian Institute of Technology
Chota M. Markan , Dayalbagh Educational Institute
pp. 1228
Toshitaka Sugimoto , Nagoya Institute of Technology
Akira Iwata , Nagoya Institute of Technology
Koji Oguri , Aichi Prefectural University
pp. 1234
Session ME3: Non-Linear Control I
Kotaro Hirasawa , Kyushu University
Jinglu Hu , Kyushu University
Hongping Chen , Kyushu University
pp. 1242
Session ME6: Special Session on 'Neural Networks and Geometry'
Vera Kurková , Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Marcello Sanguineti , University of Genoa
pp. 1277
Andrew Vogt , Georgetown University
pp. 1289
Roman Neruda , Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
pp. 1293
Paul C. Kainen , Georgetown University
pp. 1299
Session ME7: Multilayer Perceptrons II
Yoshua Bengio , Universit? de Montr?al
pp. 1305
Mario Costa , Politecnico di Torino
Eros Pasero , Politecnico di Torino
pp. 1311
Simo Särkkä , Helsinki University of Technology
Aki Vehtari , Helsinki University of Technology
pp. 1317
Yury Savitsky , Brest Polytechnic Institute
A. Sachenko , Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Vladimir Golovko , Brest Polytechnic Institute
L. Grandinetti , University of Calabria
pp. 1323
Session ME8: Medical Applications I
Claudio Parodi , University of Genova
Sergio Perissinotto , University of Genova
Francesco Frisone , University of Genova
Paolo Vitali , University of Genova
Pietro Morasso , University of Genova
Guido Rodriguez , University of Genova
pp. 1331
M. Reczko , DEMOCRITUS University of Thrace
B.G. Mertzios , DEMOCRITUS University of Thrace
D. Graveron-Demilly , Universite LYON I-CPE
D. Van Ormondt , Delft University of Technology
pp. 1336
Sameer Singh , University of Exeter
Jonathan Fieldsend , University of Exeter
Keir Bovis , University of Exeter
pp. 1342
Tim W. Nattkemper , University of Bielefeld
Helge Ritter , University of Bielefeld
Walter Schubert , University of Magdeburg and MELTEC Ltd.
pp. 1348
Boudewijn P.F. Lelieveldt , Leiden University Medical Center
Faiza Behloul , Leiden University Medical Center
Marc Janier , Research and Applications Center for Image and Signal Processing
pp. 1354
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