Reprints Reprints

The Computer Society sells reprints to authors and members at preferred rates. Requests for single reprints of individual articles must be addressed to For multiple copies, the rates are outlined on the Reprint Price Schedule. To order multiple-copy reprints of a paper, complete one of the following forms below:

To order Transactions & Magazine issues, please use this form.

To order conference issues, please use this form.

All reprints are produced on coated paper and with distinctive covers.

Note:  Reprints for Magazines and Conferences will be discontinued in 2015.  Transaction reprints will be available via the IEEE.


Overlength Page Charges Overlength Page Charges

IEEE Policy 6.10 permits some types of periodicals to levy mandatory charges for each page in excess of a page limit set by that publication. The Computer Society levies overlength page charges on its proceedings and transactions but not magazines.


Ordering and Billing Information Ordering and Billing Information

The Computer Society is not equipped to handle any type of accounts receivable. As a result, all non-US government orders must be accompanied by payment in full before they will be shipped. Please help complete the loop between your organizations procedures and ours! If your organization requires a purchase order before making any purchases, you must have it processed and a check issued before we can ship reprints. We urge that the information on the Reprint and Page Charges Order Form and on this page be provided to your purchasing department so that your order may be processed quickly. Be advised that reprints obtained with agreement to pay pages charges will not be shipped until the page charges are paid.

Normally, delivery of reprints can be expected approximately six to eight weeks after the date of order. An invoice marked "PAID" will be included with the shipment. Page charges are invoiced separately.

If early billing is needed to accommodate the deadline of a contract or grant, please contact the Computer Society Reprint Department at the address below.

IEEE Computer Society Publications Office
10662 Los Vaqueros Circle
Los Alamitos, CA 90720-1264
Tel.: +1.714.821.8380
Fax: +1.714.821.4010

All invoicing originates from this Office


Voluntary Page Charges Voluntary Page Charges

In accordance with IEEE Policy 6.9 the Computer Society levies voluntary page charges only on its transactions, not on magazines or proceedings. It is the company or institution which is being asked for support, not the author. Payment is not obligatory nor is it a prerequisite for publication.

Such support is based on the philosophy that the usual research or development project is complete only when results have been disseminated to the engineering and scientific community and that it is thus proper for the financing of the project to include funds to help cover the cost of publication. Page charges are widely used throughout the scientific publishing community and are widely accepted. For example, most US government agencies recognize the payment of page charges as a legitimate part of the cost of performing research and development work under Government contracts.

Page charges are levied for each printed page. Payment entitles the author to 100 reprints at no additional charge. Additional reprints may be ordered at the prices noted on the Reprint Price Schedule.