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To inquire about a quote, please submit the form that corresponds with the sponsorship type of your conference from the four options below.

Sponsored & Co-Sponsored Conferences

IEEE Computer Society Financially Sponsored

Request a quote for a financially sponsored conference

By requesting a quote for a financially sponsored conference, it is assumed that your financial sponsorship has been approved. Please note that should your sponsorship status change, the non-sponsored conference criteria will apply.

IEEE Computer Society Technically Co-Sponsored

Request a quote for a technically co-sponsored conference

By requesting a quote from a technically co-sponsored conference, it is assumed that your technical co-sponsorship has been approved. Please note that should your sponsorship status change, the non-sponsored conference criteria will apply.

IEEE (Non-Computer Society) Sponsored

Request a quote for a IEEE (Non-Computer Society) sponsored conference

By requesting a quote for a IEEE (Non-Computer Society) sponsored conference, you are confirming that you have received sponsorship approval from an IEEE operating unit. Please note that should your sponsorship status change, the non-sponsored conference criteria will apply. Be aware that CPS will be notifying the sponsoring operating unit of your request for publication and confirming your sponsorship status prior to counter-signing your publication agreement.

IEEE Logo Use

IEEE PSPB describes permitted use of the IEEE logo and the use of “IEEE” in Policy 6.3.2 (PDF). If this is your first year of sponsorship, please note that the IEEE Computer Society does not permit the use of any logos on websites or call for papers until the sponsorship approval process has been completed.

In addition, please refer to PSPB Policy 8.2.2.B below regarding IEEE conference peer review requirements which apply to all conferences regardless of sponsorship type.

PSPB Policy 8.2.2.B — Conference Publications

Submissions to IEEE conferences shall undergo a review process by independent referees who are knowledgeable in the pertinent subject area. The manner of implementation of the process shall be defined by the appropriate governing body (e.g., Society, Region, Section, etc.) of the IEEE major sponsor organization. It is strongly recommended that the governing body use Section 8.2.2.A as a basis for their review process. Conferences that are held in cooperation with non-IEEE organizations are encouraged to have a review process that is consistent with the policy stated in the paragraph above. All conferences that intend to have their proceedings published in IEEE Xplore shall have a review policy as stated in the above paragraph and have a memorandum of understanding between the IEEE organizational unit (or organizational units) and the non-IEEE entity (or entities) that includes the requirement for the review process. The appropriate governing body of the cooperating IEEE organizational unit shall establish the review process in agreement with the non-IEEE organization.

Participants in the review process (i.e., referees and any one else who is authorized to handle conference submissions) shall treat the contents of conference submissions under review as confidential information not to be disclosed to others before publication. No one with access to a submission shall make any inappropriate use of the special knowledge that access provides.

Non-Sponsored Conferences

Request a quote for a non-sponsored conference

The IEEE Computer Society’s Conference Publishing Services (CPS) offers to publish the proceedings of conferences that are not sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, the IEEE, or any other IEEE society. Such “non-sponsored” conferences must comply with the following mandatory criteria for acceptance into CPS’s Non-Sponsored Conference Publishing Program:

  • The subject matter of the conference must be relevant to the IEEE Computer Society’s fields of interest.
  • At least one member of the organizing committee’s leadership must be a member in good standing of the IEEE Computer Society, the IEEE, or another IEEE society, and who has participated in the organizing of an IEEE conference.
  • The conference organizers must provide CPS with contact information (names, titles, affiliations, addresses, e-mail and phone numbers) for all chairs of the organizing committee. One individual must be designated as the “CPS Contact”, and all correspondence to and from the committee must be through him or her.
  • All conference organizers must disclose their membership in all organizations that sponsor or co-sponsor this conference.
  • Organizers must provide CPS with access to the conference website, and to any marketing materials that refer to the IEEE or IEEE Computer Society. Note that non-sponsored conferences may only display the IEEE Computer Society/CPS logo provided with your confirmation materials, and may not imply in any way that IEEE or the IEEE Computer Society is a conference sponsor. Nonsponsored conferences may not under any circumstances display the IEEE or IEEE Computer Society logo in any manner whatsoever. Conferences may not share the same name or acronym as an IEEE or IEEE Computer Society sponsored conference.
  • Conference papers must be subject to formal peer review. Conference organizers must submit a list of peer reviewers with their inquiry for publication. In addition, organizers must provide a detailed description of their intended peer review process, and the basis for acceptance of papers.
  • Conference registration must be open and available on the conference web site throughout the registration dates.
  • Organizers must provide CPS with specific venue information (including venue contacts) and conference dates.
  • All conference submissions are required to assign copyright to the IEEE. Organizers, authors, and other affiliated with the conference must comply with all requirements of the IEEE copyright form.
  • Conference organizers must respond within three business days of receipt to any requests by CPS staff for information, clarification, or verification.

A publication agreement with a non-sponsored conference may be canceled by CPS at any time prior to publication, based on the following actions by conference organizers:

  • Failure to comply with any of the criteria for acceptance.
  • Failure to take any requested corrective action within a designated period.
  • Failure to provide all materials necessary for publication in compliance with the agreed-upon production schedule.
  • Failure to maintain a professional relationship with CPS staff.

CPS may cancel a publication agreement by informing the CPS Contact by email.