We appreciate your interest in Computer Society Technical Co-Sponsorship (TCS). If you have any questions about the following, please let us know. Please contact to get started.



Please begin by completing the Conference Application at the following link: 
Please save the PDF  version of your application and email it to 

Once we receive this from you, the following are the next steps.   

Technical Co-Sponsorship Next Steps: 
1.  Application Processing Fee: 

There is a TCS application processing fee of $350. If you would like to pay by credit card, please contact Jeannie A Smith at  Please make sure to include in your message to Jeannie the acronym and year of the conference.  Once your payment is made Jeannie will forward a receipt to you and copy Please note this fee is waived if the conference uses CPS ( 

2.  Statement of Benefits: 

An IEEE CS Technical Committee or Technical Council (TC) or Special Technical Community (STC) Chair must provide their written endorsement in the form of a Statement of Benefits letter, to justify review for Technical Co-Sponsorship.  The TC/STC and TC/STC Chair must also be listed on the application.  A list of the TC Chairs is located at  

Note the TC/STC will not receive financial benefits or added entitlements from a conference that is granted Technical Co-Sponsorship.  The TC (or STC) chair must email his/her completed Statement of Benefits letter directly to  We have a sample Statement of Benefits letter attached here.  We recommend the letter be created in MS Word or PDF format, make sure it is signed by the TC (or STC) Chair and dated, and forward it to us as an email attachment. 

3. Computer Society Review: 

Please understand that until all requirements are received by the Computer Society (approved TCS application / Processing Fee), the application will remain pending. We will notify you once we have received a decision on your completed application from CS Technical Meeting Request Committee (TMRC). We will expedite this review as much as possible. 

Note: There is an additional $500 fee if you DO NOT wish to have your papers included in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.