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Call for Papers: Software Engineering in Practice (ICSE 2013, SF)

> Call for Papers:  Software Engineering in Practice
> International Conference on Software Engineering, 2013 (ICSE 2013)
> Deadline for submissions: November 2nd
> This year, IEEE Software will once again partner with the International
> Conference on Software Engineering to offer an award for the best industry
> paper. Please consider submitting a paper to the Software Engineering in
> Practice (SEIP) track.  The submission deadline is November 2nd.
> ICSE 2013 will be held in San Francisco in close proximity to Silicon
> Valley.  This creates an unprecedented opportunity for collaboration between
> industry and academia. The Software Engineering in Practice (SEIP) track
> provides a dedicated forum for practitioners to share ideas, advice, and
> solutions to real software development problems. To that end, SEIP seeks
> papers that highlight industrial challenges, breakthroughs, and case
> studies. SEIP especially seeks papers with high take-away value to help
> practitioners improve their own software engineering processes, techniques,
> and results.
> Each paper should provide clear take-away value by describing the context of
> a software engineering problem of practical importance; discussing why the
> solution of the problem is innovative, effective, or efficient; providing a
> concise explanation of the approach, techniques, and methodologies employed;
> and explaining the best practices that emerged, tools developed, and/or
> software processes involved. Furthermore, papers should describe broader
> applicability; overall assessment of benefits, risks and mitigations, and
> other lessons learned.
> Papers must be from 6-10 pages in length and follow the IEEE formatting
> guidelines described at
> https://portal.mxlogic.com/redir/?1jKYCVtxcQsI6QXL8LccfKcCM0qtQmuBqDBXlwXYvxrWs01dTV5xdVYsyMCqejtPoyjrS145mFO7HqSvTEdCQT77PhOyrhpod7bPObX29J5AS2NF8Qg1EAc3hEw61Ed2NKvxYYmfSk3q9J4SDtV5VxxZ5wSeZfTNYiDXna

> All papers will be peer-reviewed by members of the program committee.
> Accepted papers will appear in the ICSE 2013 proceedings and the ACM and
> IEEE digital libraries, and authors will give presentations at ICSE.

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