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These podcasts are based on the Micro Economics column in IEEE Micro. Author Shane Greenstein focuses on a variety of topics, including the adoption of the Internet by households and business, growth of commercial Internet access networks, the industrial economics of platforms, and changes in communications policy.

About Shane Greenstein

Shane Greenstein is the Elinor and Wendell Hobbs Professor of Management and Strategy at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He is a leading researcher in the business economics of computing, communications and Internet policy. He has been a regular columnist and essayist for IEEE Micro since 1995, where he comments on the economics of microelectronics.

The podcasts were produced by Tim De Chant, Science Writer and Editor for Kellogg Insight, Northwestern University.

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The Wi-Fi Journey

This podcast discusses The Innovation Journey of Wi-Fi: The Road To Global Success, which details the origins of Wi-Fi.


The Open Internet Order

This podcast discusses the Open Internet Access Order adopted by the FCC and debated by both Net neutrality advocates and Tea Party supporters.


An Honest Policy Wonk

This podcast addresses regulatory capture, examining when the regulatory environment works in spite of it due to the presence of an honest policy wonk.


Steve Jobs and the Economics of One Entrepreneur

This podcast explores Steve Jobs' entrepreneurship and impact, covering various successes and setbacks over his career.


Direction of Broadband Spillover

This podcast explores how growth in broadband usage has positively spilled into other online markets, creating growth spillovers. It explores the geographic direction of those growth spillovers from broadband to online retailers and advertising-supported media to determine to whom and to where the positive gains flowed.


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