Citizen Science

Submissions due: 14 November 2014

Estimated Publication date: July/August 2015

Scientists and engineers are constantly presented with new challenges, despite the myriad advances in computing. There are more sets of data collected than there are time and resources available to carefully analyze them (data such as continuous measurements collected via satellites and telescopes from the Earth and the skies). There are problems with no fast algorithms to solve them, or solutions that have to be found among millions, if not more — possibilities akin to finding a needle in a haystack. However, new scientific and engineering results can be achieved when engaging thousands of individuals by utilizing their computational expertise and resources, as well as their brain cognition, which is not matched by any machine. This special issue of CiSE highlights projects that engage the public in scientific and engineering endeavors, also known as Citizen Science projects, by taking advantage of today's technological advances.

We invite scientists and engineers to submit original papers on the practice and formulation of Citizen Science projects. This may include computing technologies and approaches employed for engaging the general public to solve large-scale problems; the impact of citizen scientists to their fields' body of knowledge; and lessons learned for sustaining Citizen Science projects beyond the short term.

This special issue of CiSE includes topics presented at the White House Champions of Change Event Highlighting Citizen Science in June 2013. We invite participants to present their Citizen Science projects, approaches, technologies, and scientific results.

Copublished by the IEEE Computer Society and the American Institute of Physics, Computing in Science & Engineering (CiSE) magazine features the latest computational science and engineering research in an accessible format, along with departments covering news and analysis, CSE in education, and emerging technologies.

Submission Guidelines

Authors are asked to submit high-quality original work that has neither appeared in nor is under consideration by other journals. All submissions will be peer-reviewed following standard journal practices. Manuscripts based on previously published conference papers must be extended substantially to include at least 50 percent new material. Manuscripts should be written in the active voice, should be no longer than 6,000 words (counting each standard figure and table as 250 words), and should follow the style and presentation guidelines of CiSE (see for details).

Please submit your article using the online manuscript submission service at When uploading your article, select the appropriate special-issue title under the category "Manuscript Type." Also include complete contact information for all authors. If you have any questions about submitting your article, contact the peer review coordinator at


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