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September 2014

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Advances in computing have empowered astronomers to explore the universe in greater detail. Software-defined instruments relying on digital data capture and processing are more powerful than ever and continue to bring us new knowledge about the universe and our place in it. Read Full Article »

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Nii Quaynor: Bringing the Internet to Africa

Nii Quaynor: Bringing the Internet to Africa

In the latest installment of Computing Conversations, Nii Quaynor tells Charles Severance the story of bringing the Internet to Africa — it's a story of cooperation and collaboration for the common good.
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Andrew S. Tanenbaum: The Impact of MINIX

Andrew S. Tanenbaum: The Impact of MINIX

If you trace the moment where Linux-like OSes flickered to life, you'll find the MINIX OS. In this interview, Tanenbaum describes motivation, development, and impact of the MINIX OS. Read full article »


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Promoting Semantic Interoperability in Europe

ISA fosters interoperability in various layers. This includes a number of initiatives for promoting semantic interoperability in Europe. Via a common metadata vocabulary or Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS), relevant assets can be searched and exchanged through the Federation on Joinup.

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